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Past Cases and Videos

Below are some of our research and experimentation videos. Feel free to comment with your own observations and takeaways from each!

Cases: Projects

Buffalo Wild Wings Case

Ghosts in the Kitchen?

Employees at the local Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill have been experiencing unexplained phenomenon and we try to decipher what exactly is going on. Poltergeist? Residual haunting? Or is it just the mind playing tricks? Find out now.


Rita the Doll Experiment

Playing With Fire

We did something crazy and ordered an alleged haunted/possessed doll from eBay to run experiments on. We honestly didn't expect much, but we were shocked and surprised to find what we did.


Zim's Investigation Pt 1 & 2

Spirited Spirits at the Old Del-Mar

We investigate an establishment that's been around since at least 1918 when it was originally the Dixie hotel and then the Del Mar Hotel. Join Logan, Luke, Michelle and Mike as we take a journey through one of the Sault's oldest buildings.


Maple Ridge Cemetery- Portal Test Run

Testing out direct communication tools

We take "The Portal" experimental ghost box on a test run before it's completion.


Potter's Field

Cold Reception

The team takes a trip to the recently restored Potter's Field in SSM where the resident spirits are less than pleased by our presence.


Alma College: Kappa Iota and Multicultural House Hauntings

A Ghostly Education

The team takes a trip south to visit an old stomping ground and look into reports of strange noises in the Kappa Iota house. While there we are invited to visit the Multicultural House, as well. In both instances we found far more than we ever expected!


Emergency Call Out

Things that go bump in the night

Back in May we were called to this home for possible paranormal activity. These are the results of that investigation.


Hinsdale House Pt 1 & 2

An experience beyond any other

Here is just a brief clip showing some of the crazy events from our two nights and the Historic Hinsdale House in NY. The results were pretty wild and will be published in full later next year.

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