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Our Approach

Tradition meets Technology

Our team uses a combination of traditional communication devices and cleansing methods in junction with cutting edge experimental equipment to thoroughly research and explore paranormal phenomena. Our goal is not to prove or disprove the existence of the supernatural world. Rather, it is to treat each case with the respect and professionalism our clients deserve and come up with real, definable causes to the issues at hand, whether the roots are based in the spiritual realm or something more solidly grounded in our own physical world. In cases where it is deemed necessary to dissipate negative entities from a premises, our team is knowledgeable in a variety of traditional cleansing, healing, and protection rituals as well scientific and experimental methods. Our focus is to bring our clients peace of mind and teach others about the unseen world around them.

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Michael Dotson

Lead Investigator

Founder and manager of the Soo Area GB


Luke Bernard

Head Researcher

Paranormal enthusiast and passionate researcher into the supernatural.


Michelle Sibbald

Equipment Manager

Born and raised in Sault Sainte Marie, Michelle went on to receive her psychology degree from Alma College. Her interest in the paranormal began with her grandparents who fostered her curiosity in the unknown, taught her not to accept ignorance, and instilled in her a passion to pursue the truth behind the many mysteries left in the world around us.

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About: Testimonials
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"They were very thorough at explaining what they were doing and the results. They were very professional."

Jodi Decker Major

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